Aims of the Foundation

Peace and justice between nations

In February 2003, alarmed by the threat of an illegal war by the US on Iraq, the Hamburg shipping magnate Peter Krämer decided to act. Together with prominent opponents of the war he mobilised public opinion against this aggression, and decided to make an ongoing contribution towards strengthening the concept of international peace.


… Subscribing to the United Nations Charter

The Hamburg Society aims to make a tangible contribution to raising social awareness of urgent issues relating to the securing of global peace, and to mobilise public opinion against warfare and aggression. Strengthening the UN Charter, advocating a multilateral world order, highlighting the links between poverty and wealth and between terrorism and power, are core aims of this charitable association. Using media tools and by organising research initiatives and political meetings in a targeted way, the Hamburg Society supports broad public debate and presents approaches to solving acute conflicts. A particular concern is raising political interest and awareness amongst young people. UN Charter