Since 2004, the school construction project “Schools for Africa” has existed as a joint initiative of the Peter Krämer Foundation, UNICEF International and the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Over 3000 schools were built, and more than 30 million children in 21 African countries benefited from this initiative. The Peter Krämer Foundation had set itself the goal of supporting projects of “Schools for Africa” in West Africa more strongly. For this reason, Christian Krämer and Tilo Braune visited UNICEF Côte d’Ivoire to see the modern and ecologically sensible projects which UNICEF is active in in the region.


Africa is suffocating in plastic waste. UNICEF demonstrated a project in which plastic waste is collected nationwide and processed into plastic bricks in a factory. These “Plastic Bricks” can also be installed by laymen to form simple buildings, which usually consist of three classrooms and a teacher’s room. In addition, the plastic has also a heat-insulating effect.