Peter Krämer 1950 - 2017

Peter Krämer was a Hamburg ship owner and a highly esteemed, and honored person.

In 1982, lawyer Peter Krämer took over responsibility for the companies Marine Service GmbH and Chemikalien Seetransport GmbH founded in 1958 by his father. Under his aegis, the shipping company Chemikalien Seetransport GmbH became an internationally recognized tanker shipping company and the engineering firm Marine Service GmbH became the market leader in LNG technology.

In 2002 Peter Krämer startet his humanitarian work. Based on his experience as an internationally operating shipowner, he wanted to do his part in overcoming the problems of the Third World and to improve the living conditions of the African people through education.

In 2004 he met former President of South Africa and Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela – with whom he became friends – and suggested that he initiate the project “Schools for Africa” together with UNICEF International.

He said:
“Education and Enlightenment are the most important means of securing peace in the world. This idea has been driving me for 10 years and has not lost relevance to this day. I am immensely grateful for the visible achievements on the ground and the great willingness of many people to donate to the “Schools for Africa” project. ”

The project “Schools for Africa”, which Peter Krämer regarded as his life’s work and for which he was later honored by the German Federal Cross of Merit, the German Citizens’ Award, and the Pro Humanitate Prize of the European Cultural Foundation “Pro Europa”, has become the most successful private educational initiative worldwide.

The involvement of Peter Krämer raised more than $ 300 million in donations, built and reconstructed more than 2,400 schools, and significantly improved the education of more than 30 million children in Africa

When asked about his motivation for the foundation, Peter Krämer replied:

“We all like to help in emergency situations. But building a future and designing the future is just more fun.”

We mourn the loss of an extraordinary person who has done great things for a better world with his visions and power of implementation.

Peter Krämer, in conversation with TV-moderator Caren Miosga about the emergence of “Schools for Africa”, his motivation and goals: