Peter Krämer wishes Nelson Mandela speedy recovery

In view of the alarming reports about Nelson Mandela’s ill condition, Peter Krämer from Hamburg wishes his friend, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and patron of his “Schools for Africa” ​​campaign, all the best and a speedy recovery.

Peter Krämer: “I was able to meet Nelson Mandela several times in the past eight years and in 2004 we arranged the humanitarian project “Schools for Africa” with him. In partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and UNICEF, more than $ 150 million has been raised worldwide. Since then, more than 1,100 elementary schools have been established in eleven African countries, the school situation for over twelve million children has improved considerably, and many boys and girls have been able to attend school. ”

“Schools for Africa” ​​is the world’s most successful private initiative in education. This is largely thanks to the support of Nelson Mandela, who welcomed Peter Krämer at the start with the phrase “Education is the doorway to freedom, democracy and development!”.

Peter Krämer: “Most of his close friends and colleagues confirm that he may only have a few weeks or days left. Nelson Mandela has performed miracles through his own power, willpower and God’s hand. We wish him, especially in recognition of his life’s work, still a really good time. His moral integrity, charisma and warmth are unique. His role model and voice are needed more than ever in Africa, indeed in the whole world! “