Great success for Hamburg based Peter Krämer Foundation

The foundation of the Hamburg-based shipowner Peter Krämer celebrates the great success of their project “Schools for Africa”, which they have been implementing with their partners UNICEF International and the Nelson Mandela Foundation since 2004 in eleven African countries.

With the signing of the new four-year contract on 17.06.2013 at the UNICEF Headquarters in New York, two new countries will be added to the group of beneficiaries of the project due to the excellent results of the past two contract periods:

Phase 1: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Rwanda 

Phase 2: Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger 

Phase 3: Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone

Since the founding of Schools for Africa in 2004, over $ 160 million has been pooled with partners in 26 countries around the world and made available to projects, the construction of over 1,300 schools and training of more than 100,000 teachers, which benefitted 20 million children.

The third phase of the project will now build on this success. The partners plan to raise another $ 80 million over the next four years and make it available to the programs. After all, despite the great success of Schools for Africa, there are still 30.6 million children in Africa who can’t attend primary school (2004: 43 million children).

The project partners of Schools for Africa have thus made an important contribution to the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goal: to guarantee primary education for all children by 2015.

Peter Krämer says: “Schools for Africa is not only the most successful private educational initiative worldwide, but also wants to continue to exert political pressure on decision-makers in the world in the future.” And addressed to the young people: “Learn! Use your chances! Understand what education means: your personal future and your country’s, the improvement of health and the basis of any peaceful democratic development! “